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Mosaic Afghanistan was founded in 2022 with the mission of creating a more equitable and just society for all Afghanistan people. We strive to promote human rights in Afghanistan, championing the cause of pluralism and diversity in the country.


Ways You Can Contribute

Single Payment

You can help support Mosaic Afghanistan by making a financial contribution to our organization. Your donation will go towards achieving our goals and objectives and will have a positive impact on the work we do. To make a contribution, simply select the amount you wish to donate and transfer it to our bank account. Thank you for considering supporting our organization in this way.

Recurring payment

You can show your support for our organization by becoming a member and making a recurring monthly contribution. Your membership fees will help us continue to offer valuable resources and services to those in need. By joining as a member and making a monthly contribution, you can have a positive impact on the work we do. If you are interested in supporting our organization in this way, please consider becoming a member today.

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    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    By raising awareness of human rights and humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan, we strive to empower all communities regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, creed, or language. We also aim to promote public support for human rights in the country.
    Our Vision

    Our Vision

    We work to ensure that women are granted equal rights and freedom, are able to pursue education, employment, and political office without restriction, and receive justice. We envision a world in which women can participate fully and equally in all aspects of life, free from discrimination and oppression.
    Our Values

    Our Values

    To achieve political, social, and economic development, it is essential that diversity and pluralism be embraced and that the rights of both men and women be equally respected. This requires a bottom-up approach that empowers the various communities.

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