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How your Donation helps ?

Life in Afghanistan has gotten worse for more than a year due to the current conflicts and MOSAIC promised to “stay and deliver,” despite the fact that the country is now cut off from the rest of the world and has already been damaged by years of insecurity and natural disasters. The nation is experiencing a problem related to children’s rights.


Child Marriages And Rights

Among the most pressing concerns and issues in Afghanistan are child marriage and women’s rights. Women in Afghanistan are among the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals and continue to suffer from discrimination and lack access to basic rights. Their conditions are far from ideal, however, her determination and courage, as well as the continuous efforts of civil societies, have made her more than just a nameless, faceless, mute victim of unfair traditions. Her spirits are high now. But there is a lot more to be done.


Mosaic: a Promise To Afghanistan

Established in 2022 to benefit the diverse communities of Afghanistan, Mosaic is
a civil society that promotes human rights and advocates for a pluralistic
Afghanistan where the rights of vulnerable populations such as women, children,
and religious and ethnic minorities are protected.


What is Mosaic? What do We do?

After 20 years of American military engagement in Afghanistan, the Taliban
seized control of Kabul last year after the tumultuous exodus of Western
diplomats and the Afghan national government. Unsettling video captured at
the Kabul airport, hauntingly resembling the American evacuation of Saigon,
showed Afghans seeking to board departing American aircraft while
diplomats abandoned the American embassy.